Going Keto in 2018! What Do I Eat?!


We’re here, it’s day 1 of 2018 and you have heard all about the Ketogenic Diet either from my widely popular blog of 4 followers or from news outlets such as NBC, Entertainment Weekly, and (between shining sunshine up Trump’s ass) even Fox. Celebrities like Hale Barry and Vanessa Hudgens (she was that really attractive girl not named Zack Efron in Disney’s High School Musical) have all gone out singing the praises of the ketogenic diet. They have bought into the reality that fat is your friend and high glycemic carbohydrates are your enemy. They understand that chronically raising blood sugar going to lead to long-term detrimental health effects (I am talking diabetes and fatty liver disease, not just unwanted body fat). So now you have bought in and you are thinking ok, I need a simple way to figure out what to eat – so here it is, I am going to give you some ideas. Ready?


This meal is crucial, critical, important, whatever you want to call it to your success. Aim for food that is high in fat and will help fill you up. You can and should eat eggs (the whole thing) and cook them in butter, I like Kerrygold which can be affordable if you buy it at Costco, Walmart, Aldi’s, etc. I think 3-4 eggs cooked in 1-2 tbsp of butter is great. I like to also add bacon (again, I like mine from Costco) and I use thick cut natural bacon. Stay away from the maple flavor fancy stuff as it typically has added sugar to it. Almost all bacon is cured in salt and sugar, however, the curing process essentially washes off all of the sugar, so do not be worried if you see it on the ingredient list. As long as you go with plain bacon, you are in the clear. If you have money to blow, go to Whole Paycheck and buy the uncured, all-natural, paleo-friendly stuff and have a blast.  If you still need a little something else, well, of course, you can have a half of an avocado to go along with it too as it packs a powerful punch of fat and potassium (yeah, believe it or not, bananas are the shitty way to get potassium and high blood sugar). Save the rest of that beautiful green bastard for lunch (we’ll get to that in a minute). Be sure to salt your eggs and avocado with pink Himalayan salt (you should do this to ALL of your meals). Remember keto is low-carb, and as a result, sodium excretion is high so you must salt constantly to replenish this key electrolyte (you will not be retaining salt). Lastly, it’s breakfast, so if you do coffee, be sure to use heavy cream in it (not milk, half-half is alright in a pinch) unless you drink it black (as I imagine Batman does).


If you have done breakfast right, you should not be hungry for a while. Remember that in the beginning (first few weeks) you will get hungry more often because your brain is craving sugar and sending you false hunger signals. Once you become fat-adapted (burning fat, not glucose) you will feel less hungry as your leptin levels (and other hormones) will normalize and the fat will keep you fuller. If you are hungry, EAT FAT! So now you are at lunch and here is my example meal. You can do a double bacon cheeseburger (stick to hard cheese, American is garbage but will work in a pinch – I like a good Vermont cheddar) and feel free to add a little butter on top of it. If you are out for lunch and have not prepped (as I usually am) just have them load up the burger with butter, bacon, the cheese, and tell them to hold the bun (ain’t nobody got time for that!) If you are a water drinker, go for it with a side salad, stick to green stuff in it and full-fat caesar dressing or full-fat blue cheese dressings. You can also do olive oil and vinegar if you like the light and crispy taste of things. If you have a craving for something sweet, grab a Diet Coke (because Diet Pepsi is a downright insult to the human condition) or do a seltzer with lime (because it’s refreshing as hell!) I also recommend that, if you want to get away from aspartame and such (which is safe in human consumption so read the actual science) you can try Zevia which is natural flavors and organic stevia extract as a great diet soda substitute.


The possibilities are endless with dinner depending on how creative and adventurous you want to be in the kitchen. You can keep it really simple by doing something like a mixed green salad with things such as green peppers, goat cheese, olives, olive oil and vinegar paired with a nice brisket or any other cut of your favorite beef. If you feel tired of red meat (because you’re crazy) and want to go with something a little lighter, cook a nice piece of salmon. Stick to the fattier cold water fish like salmon and you’ll be golden (although almost all fish is a green light). You can get pre-cut filets at a place like Costco of almost any fridge in the freezer section (same goes for a lot of the green veggies you would eat.) As a disclaimer, I don’t advocate loading up on veggies because they are a lot of water and can fill you up with not much nutritional value. In my opinion, you are better off getting most of your vitamins and nutrients from nice cuts of tasty meat, but that’s just me.


I won’t say much on snack because I think you typically want to avoid snacking much and stick to eating larger meals, but I recognize this is going to happen and sometimes you are on the go. For snacks, I would stick to things like Quest Barspork rinds, nuts, hard cheeses, and hard cuts on salami or something like that. If you are going to snack make sure it’s on something fatty and avoid the sugars. You have to watch that a lot of beef jerky products out there contain a lot of sugar and nuts can add up, so stick to ones like macadamia nuts, walnuts, and other ones that have low net carbs net carbs = carbs – dietary fiber). Just keep in mind that, the more fat you eat, the less likely you’ll be to want to snack.

Peace, love, and bacon.


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